Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ghost In The Phone - Episode Two

A thunder was growing at the edge of the fifty thousand feet of darkness. His first meeting was at 9:00 am. It was what he called his favorite assistant working pastime. All of the assistants were having a weekly meeting just to share with everybody how advanced were their individual projects. Yes, he was working on it. No, she was waiting for a back call from an impolite person. Crap. Good luck. Two hours. These two hours were floating around him. Inside, outside. Very far memories were coming to him as ancient pictures. He played with them answering just to the yes or no questions, and sometimes by inaudible waitings for and workings on. Each of the answers were right. So he could essentially listen and if something was missing in a professional process he always was asking what was wrong, why people who had to do something had missed this, or this, or this important job step. That made him feeling more steady to be perfectionist and alarmist. It was like his old building sets. A game.

He sat down before his computer which was put on the table and waiting to be switched on. Five or six bells were telling him that a hail of unread emails would have been to be read; but before reading them he had to send all of the answers he made during the night when nobody sends any mail because nobody has to know that someone is writing emails at 4:00 am instead of sleeping. 7:30 am was a better time. Sleeping before sending. He checked again how he had organized the list of his contacts and remembered again his own rules. Friends : women before, in alphabetical order of nicknames. Alissia, lolA, Zelda, and two or three one more. Work : women before, in alphabetical order of names. Rosa, Rosae, Rosam, and the rest of a kind of specific list. Formal Network : women before, the one above the other. Witches, Director 1, Director 2, Senior managers, Dwarfs. Social Network : in order of coming. Someone, Someone else. A world of (wo)men. Sending mails, drinking coffee, staring at the sky through the dusty window where a new Moon was arising, continuing sharing news from the World, drinking coffee, drinking coffee. Drinking coffee.