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His first FlyIng series has been created on a very beautiful date : The Twenty-second of January, 2014.

The series is directed by OLIVER

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Factory - ideas

We are just selling Acts of Intelligence.
Orders for Creations.
All of them are just considering our needs.
1. Time for practicing.
2. Time for writing.

1. 2. 3. Time for sharing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hélène Bessette

I'm not coming for seeing.
What everybody is coming to see.
From lakes of tears I didn't have seen anything in the first evening.
I'm not coming for spending the riviera yachting and cordiera long holidays.
I will not pitch my tent in the hauteur. From the faraway glaciers I will not see anything.
If it's raining. While a train is speeding.
In the shadow.
At the edge of lakes of tears. In the evening
when I arrived.
From the arrival time.
From my rain color eyes.
I see the World through his fog.
The big tourism with bad flash light.
It bad light the way.
In a singular lighting.
I am sad.
That's why.
Because perhaps it isn't raining. I'm fabulating. Dull mood.
Sulky glows.
The slow train with faded colors.
The insipid lights of unknown stations.
Why am I here?
I couldn't tell it.
If I will. It will be useless.
Could you understand it?
You will not believe me. Even if I would tell it.
Therefore I don't tell.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Factory

The Factory is perfect.
His structure has never been destabilized.
One rule : Equality.

You will enter in the Factory through the same way as everybody else: searching, because searching is the only way of Equality.

Second rule : no unvoted profits.
Third rule : no advertisement.

The Factory is a perfect democracy.
His structure has never been destabilized.
One rule : Equality.

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